Individual Care for Individual Needs

Every day, the rehabilitation team at Venice Regional Medical Center helps patients achieve their maximum potential through carefully integrated teamwork and an individualized approach to treatment.  Through a process that begins with listening to your concerns and identifying you goals, our team creates a program that is customized just for you.  Once a plan is established, we will monitor you carefully throughout the course of your treatment to make sure your program is effective.  Each rehabilitation team member will also communicate with your physician to report your progress.  Our program's many positive outcomes are proof of its effective methods and high standards.

Rehabilitation with Convenience and Expertise

For patients undertaking the difficult task of recovering from an injury, surgery, illness or stroke, access to a rehabilitation facility needs to be as easy as possible.  With that in mind, the primary outpatient services of Venice Regional Medical Center's Rehabilitation Department are conveniently located in the Venice HealthPark at the corner of Jacaranda Boulevard and Center Road.  A smaller outpatient facility is also available at the hospital.

    Our Rehabilitation Center at HealthPark is closer to the population we serve, as well as the referring physicians. This facilitates coordination between highly trained and professional rehabilitation staff, patients and their doctors.  Parking arrangements are very accommodating, making it easier for patients to access the facility.  Our bright, open and warm environment creates a welcoming atmosphere for patients to undergo their rehabilitation program.

An Integrated Approach to Care

The rehabilitation department's success stems from our years of experience and our complete team approach, which takes into account your medical, physical, psychological, social, spiritual, cultural, and economic needs.  With professionals representing every aspect of rehabilitative care, the program is truly comprehensive and progressive, which offers the best possibility for your optimal recovery.

Our Commitment

Physical disabilities and communication difficulties can impact patients and their families to varied degrees.  The rehabilitation team's goal is to help you achieve your maximum level of function and independence.  We are committed to accomplishing this in an effective and efficient manner.

The Rehabilitation Team

· Patient
· Physician
· Occupational Therapist
· Physical Therapist
· Speech/Language Pathologist

What Do We Help?

No matter what type of therapy program or rehabilitation you need, you can find the right services within our facility.
    Among the more common condition that we treat are:
· Arthritis
· Back and neck pain
· Balance and dizziness problems
· Joint dysfunction
· Joint replacement
· Hand injuries
· Lymphedema
· Muscle dysfunction
· Myofascial pain
· Neurologic trauma or disorders
· Neuromuscular degenerative diseases (i.e. Parkinson’s, ALS)
· Orthopedic condition
· Osteoporosis
· Safety awareness and problem solving
· Sports-related injuries
· Stroke
· Swallowing difficulties
· Visual or perception problems
· Voice and speech problems
· Walking abnormalities 

   A physician’s referral is required to participate in VRMC’s rehabilitation program.

For more information, please call: (941) 486-6420