Hospitalist Program


Your primary care doctor has requested that you be cared for by a Hospital Medicine Physician (Hospitalist) during your hospital stay.  The following information will help you become familiar with the Hospitalist Team and what you can expect during your stay.  Your Venetian Hospitalist Team will consist of a Physician Hospitalist, and either a Physician Assistant or a Nurse Practitioner. 

What is a Hospitalist?

A Hospitalist is a physician who specializes in the care of patients while they are in the hospital.  Your Primary Care Physician is responsible for managing your care in his/her office when you are no longer in the hospital.  Since Hospitalists typically work on week on, one week off, you may see more than one Hospitalist during your hospital stay.

The Science of Internal Medicine

Will I See My Own Doctor?

Your Primary Care Physician will resume your care when you are discharged from the hospital.  While you are hospitalized, the Hospitalist will keep your doctor informed of your progress and any special needs you may have after being discharged from the hospital.

What Will the Hospitalist Do For Me?

While you are hospitalized, the Hospitalist will:

· Provide and manage any necessary medical services

· Work with consulting specialists, hospital staff and your doctor to arrange medical services specific to your medical needs

Who Can I Talk to if I Have Questions?

In addition to your Hospitalist and nurse, a Case Manager will be available to you and your family.  The RN Case Manager will assist you with your discharge needs, which may include home health visits, special medical equipment or other support services.

How Do I Contact a Hospitalist?

Hospitalists generally visit you as necessary during your hospital stay, at which time they are happy to answer questions from you or your family members.  Hospitalists rotate duty and work as a team so information is shared among them as they go on and off duty.  If you have urgent questions during the day or after hours, contact your nurse and he/she will notify the appropriate team member.

What Will the Hospitalist Do When I Leave the Hospital?

The Hospitalist will:

· Notify your doctor of your discharge and send a dictated summary of your hospital care and medications  
· Inform your doctor of any follow-up care  
· Prescribe the medications you need to take after you leave the hospital. Your primary care doctor will take care of any refills and will continue your care, if needed, after you leave the hospital.

The Essence of Hospital Medicine

Making Medicine Better

Although you may not have heard of a hospitalist before, they are not a new idea.  In fact, the term was coined in 1996.

In recent years, major teaching hospitals and primary care doctors around the country have learned that hospitalists are an excellent was to provide care to their patients while they are in the hospital.

Thanks to the recent increase in medical technology, more and more care is being delivered in the physician's office.  Working with a hospitalist provides primary care physician with the ability to focus attention on their office practices, while at the same time knowing that their hospitalized patients are receiving the best care possible from specialists trained in that field.

Having a Hospitalist on the staff of your hospital is like having your own doctor a phone call away throughout your stay.

For more information please contact Venetian Hospitalist Services at or at (941) 486-6927.