Home Health

                                                                          Our Mission      
· To remain a vital component of the care services offered by Venice Regional Medical Center
· To provide comprehensive, client-centered care in the non-acute residential setting
· To address the client’s unique physiological, safety and psychosocial needs in a coordinated plan of care
· To provide health care education to the client and the client’s family, and to advise them of community support services
· To remain dedicated to the provision of outcome-focused, cost-effective care that encourages client participation and goal setting · To remain committed to the provision of services that are guided by a quality improvement and management program

When You're Sick or Injured, There's No Place Like Home

    It's a known fact that recovering from an illness or injury at home instead of in a hospital offers important advantages for everyone involved.  Patients can heal in privacy and comfort, surrounded by their families and loved ones.  And with the addition of experienced health care professionals to their medical team, physicians can better coordinate care.

    With the help of Home Health Services of Venice, a state-licensed and certified home care agency, recovering at home is a viable option for many people.  Our skilled and compassionate caregivers offer a full array of home health services.  Anyone can request our help, including patients, family members or physicians who want to ensure that their patients receive excellent at-home care in lieu of or in follow-up to hospitalization.

Medical Advances Make Home Care Safe and Effective

    Advances in medicine, technology and the skills of home care professionals are making it possible for people to stay in their homes and receive excellent care for a wide variety of conditions.  Many therapies that used to be available only in hospitals can now be offered right in the home, from IV therapy to wound care.

    Research has shown that home care is not only economical, but also medically advantageous.  Wounds heal more quickly, patients recuperate faster and take increased responsibility for their own care.  Education is a key component of care, and helps both patients and their families gain independence.  It also helps patients with chronic conditions learn how to better manage their own illness.
    On the cutting edge of the home health field, Home Health Services of Venice offers a broad array of services for adults of all ages.

· Skilled nursing
· Physical, occupational and speech therapy
· Personal assistance by licensed home health aides
· IV therapy
· Wound care
· Blood draws
· Medication administration/pain management
· Social work

Physicians Part of the Team

For physicians who refer patients, Home Health Services of Venice is an on-site clinical team who serves as at-home eyes and ears, helping physicians by assessing their patients on a regular basis and providing timely reports.  In addition to ensuring that any medical orders are meticulously carried out, we alert physicians to changes or improvements in their patients' conditions.

    All forms of payment and insurance are accepted, including private insurance, HMOs, and Medicare.  Experienced professionals are available to assist with payment and insurance and coordinate benefits.

Advantages of Home Health Care

· Keeps families together
· Help elderly patients maintain independence
· Prevents or postpones institutionalization (such as nursing homes)
· Promotes healing
· Allows personal freedom and privacy
· Reduces stress
· Improves quality of life

Call If You Need Care

    Home Health Services of Venice is committed to excellence in healthcare with every visit to its patients.  We are fully accredited by the Joint commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.  To ensure a healthy care giving environment, our employees undergo extensive background checks, are fully bonded, insured, and drug-screened.  If you would like to learn more or require a referral, please call us at toll-free to speak with a nurse who can answer your questions or take the information needed to initiate home health services: 1-888-484-3571

We accept Medicare and honor managed care programs as well as private insurance and private payment.  We do not discriminate against applicants on the basis of sex, age, race, religion, or national origin.

Home Health Services of Venice was recently recognized as Agency of the Month for low rates of patient hospitalizations, by the Home Health Quality Initiative in 2011.

Home Health Services of Venice
Telephone: 941-486-6700