Billing and Insurance

Hospital Billing
The hospital will bill your insurance company for all hospital charges.  If you have more than one insurance policy, the hospital will bill the secondary insurance after the primary carrier pays. Physicians who provide services to you while at the hospital, such as emergency room physicians, anesthesiologists, or radiologists, will send you a separate bill for their services. The insurance information you provide the hospital will be given to these physicians as well.Detailed itemized statements are issued at the patient's request.  Monthly statements will contain messages that indicate the status of your account.  If at any time you have questions about your account, please call and speak with one of our Business Office representatives at 866-481-2553.

Co-Payments and Deductibles
All insurance co-payments and deductibles must be collected by the hospital.  Because of that, any co-payment or deductible owed by the patient will be collected on the day of the appointment or at the time of discharge from the hospital.  Please contact your insurance provider prior to check-in for co-payment and deductible amounts required by the hospital. Non-InsuredPayment is due at the time of service.  If it is necessary to make payment arrangements, please contact our patient account representative at 483-7505 prior to your appointment date or discharge from the facility.

Medical Assistance Programs
Venice Regional Medical Center will provide information to help you apply for medical assistance programs.  Program availability is based on medicaid income and eligibility guidelines.  Venice Regional cannot guarantee you will receive coverage but will gladly provide any assistance necessary to help you obtain coverage to pay for the financial portion of your stay.  Please contact our financial counselor at 483-7505 to discuss possible options.